Soyuz: The Research Network for Postsocialist Cultural Studies

Soyuz is broadly conceived as a group of anthropologists and other scholars working in postsocialist studies. It is formally constituted as the Post-Communist Cultural Studies Interest Group of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) and is also recognized as an official unit of the Association for Slavic, East European Studies and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES, formerly AAASS). We gather at AAA and ASEEES meetings in North America and here on the web to distribute information on our projects.

Soyuz Listserv

To join the listserv, please contact SOYUZ webmaster Dafna Rachok darachok[at]iu.edu

Column in Anthropology News

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Announcements are posted from messages sent to the Soyuz listserv. To post an additional announcement, please email Soyuz webmaster Dafna Rachok (darachok [at] iu.edu).

Call for the Soyuz-sponsored panels at the ASEEES! 

SOYUZ: The Research Network for Postsocialist Cultural Studies is calling for panel submissions for the 2022 ASEEES Annual Meeting, to be held virtually October 13-14, 2022 and in-person November 10-13 in Chicago, IL.

The Soyuz Research Network connects scholars researching postsocialism, understood as a theoretically generative problem space describing social life in regions of the world including East-Central Europe and the Former Soviet Union, Asia, Africa, Latin American, and the Caribbean. Our goal is to foster collegial conversations about postsocialisms among generations of researchers in in many disciplines, with a special eye to building connections across traditional area studies boundaries.

Each year, SOYUZ sponsors one outstanding panel that takes as its focus (post)socialist lifeworlds. If you are considering organizing a panel that speaks to topics pertaining to socialism and postsocialism, and are interested in SOYUZ sponsorship, please contact Johanna Bockman, jbockman@gmu.edu. To be considered, please follow the ASEEES proposal guidelines and send Johanna Bockman the ASEEES Panel Submission Form by Thursday, February 17, 2022, so that Soyuz can make a decision in time for the panel organizer to submit the application for the ASEEES March 1, 2022, deadline.