Current SOYUZ Officers


Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov, Higher School of Economics (nikolaissorinchaikov [at] 


Programming Coordinator:

Usmon Boron, University of Toronto (usmon.boron [at]



Tatiana Rabinovich, North Carolina State University (tatianar [at] 




Dafna Rachok, Indiana University ( darachok [at] )

Dafna Rachok is a PhD student in anthropology at Indiana University Bloomington. Her research examines the place of street sex work in Ukrainian informal economy. Interested in various economic narratives that local street sex workers use to discuss sex work, police, and their clients, Dafna looks at the gap between illegal and legal, and illicit and licit economic activities, and how sex workers navigate this gap to negotiate their economic existence. Dafna holds M.A. degress from University of Alberta (2018) and Central European University (2014), and B.A. from Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.


H-Soyuz List Editor:

Polina Vlasenko, Indiana University ( pvlasenk [at] )

Polina Vlasenko is a doctoral student in Anthropology at Indiana University.


Book Review Editor:

Taras Fedirko, University of Cambridge ( tf338 [at]

Taras Fedirko is a political anthropologist currently based at the Department of Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge, where his postdoctoral project focuses on the political economy of journalistic freedom in Ukraine. Taras has most recently done fieldwork with public service broadcasters in Kyiv (2017-19); his doctoral research was an ethnography of transnational lobbying inside the British government. Taras holds a PhD in socio-cultural anthropology from Durham University (2017), and an MA in International Relations and East European Studies from the University of Bologna (2013).


Anthropology News Column Editors: 

Adrian Deoancă, University of Michigan (adeoanca [at]

Nelli Sargsyan, Marlboro College (nsargsyan [at]


ASEEES Liaison:

Johanna Bockman, George Mason University ( jbockman [at]

Johanna Bockman is an Associate Professor of Sociology and Global Affairs at George Mason University (UCSD PhD/MA; UCLA BA), specializing in globalization studies, economic sociology, urban studies, and East European Studies. Her first book was Markets in the Name of Socialism: The Left-Wing Origins of Neoliberalism. Currently, Johanna is writing a book on multiple globalizations, socialisms, and displacement in Washington, DC. Her other project is on the 1980s debt crisis from the perspectives of the second and third worlds, including non-aligned worlds. Among other courses, she teaches Post-Soviet Life. Johanna is a huge fan of ASEEES, the Library of Congress, and SOYUZ.


Student Representative: 

Kip Hutchins, University of Wisconsin-Madison ( kghutchins [at] ) 

Kip Grosvenor Hutchins is a visiting assistant professor in Anthropology, East Asian Studies, and Environmental Studies at Oberlin College. His research examines how nonhumans intersect with heritage in post-socialist Mongolia, with a particular focus on musical performance and transmission. He takes a multi-modal and multi-species ethnographic approach, and has been working with musicians, music teachers, herders (and their herds), heritage bearers, and heritage administrators in rural Dundgovi province and urban Ulaanbaatar since 2010.

Previous Officers of Soyuz Postsocialist Cultural Studies Group (2006-2017)

Convenor: Amy Ninetto, Erin Koch, Heidi Bludau, Larisa Kurtovic, Tatiana Chudakova

Secretary: Elitza Ranova, Patty Gray, Kristen Ghodsee, Larisa Kurtovic, Elizabeth Peacock

Programming Coordinator: Joseph Crescente, Kristen Ghodsee, Susanne Cohen, Jennifer Carroll, Maryna Bazylevych, Emily Channell-Justice

Webmaster: J. Dickinson, Jessica Lockrem, Fabio Mattioli, Kathryn Graber

Student Representative: Inna Leykin, Heidi Bludau, Natalja Czarnecki, Jonathan Stillo, Tetiana Bulakh

H-Soyuz List Editor: Elitza Ranova, Amy Garey, Cristina Bradatan, Svetla Dimitrova

H-Soyuz Book Review Editor: Johanna Bockman, Leyla Keough, Jennifer Carroll, Maryna Bazylevych

Anthropology News Column Editor: Deborah Jones